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February 2010 - Posts

Mbeki’s summit for Sudan political parties postponed

February, 2010 (KHARTOUM) – A conference hosted by an African Union (AU) that would have brought Sudanese political parties together has been postponed, according to a statement by the pan-African body.

JPEG - 24.1 kb
Former South African president and head of the African Union panel on Darfur Thabo Mbeki (AP)

The Union High Level Implementation Panel (AUHIP) headed by former South African president Thabo Mbeki have said that the Juba alliance comprised of opposition parties made the request for the rescheduling of the meeting which was supposed to start on Thursday with the participation of the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) headed by president Omer Hassan Al-Bashir.

Mbeki’s panel met in Khartoum with Umma party leader Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi, Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) Secretary General Mohamed Ibrahim Nugud, Reform and Renewal Party (URRP) leader Mubarak Al-Fadil, Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) Deputy Secretary General Yasir Arman, Sudanese presidential adviser Mustafa Ismail, NCP political officer Ibrahim Ghandour.

“The Panel, which is convening the Summit at the request of the Sudanese Parties, will continue to facilitate joint planning meetings with the Parties in order to ensure a successful Summit….the Panel is convinced that the Summit will contribute positively to promoting the national consensus which will bode well for the democratic transformation of Sudan”

The Umma party leader was quoted by the independent Al-Sudani newspaper as saying that the political forces have agreed on the summit to discuss all political issues of the country.

Al-Mahdi added that it is hoped that a preliminary meeting would be held after which a declaration of principles then an elections pledge of honor to guarantee the fairness of the April polls.

The URRP chief Mubarak Al-Fadil said that the meeting “sends a warning to the NCP to respond to the requirements to get the country out of the crisis and then the whole world will be a witness who rejects the deal”.

The NCP representatives ruled out any talk about postponing the elections partially or fully and expressed the party’s readiness to reach an agreement on a “political document” but did not reveal the nature of its contents.

Mbeki’s AU panel on Darfur (AUPD) was tasked by the AU to create a roadmap that would harmonize peace, justice and accountability. It was established in the wake of the imminent indictment of Bashir by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The implementation panel also headed by Mbeki was created "to assist in the implementation of all aspects of the recommendations of the AU Panel on Darfur, and to support the Sudanese parties in the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) and other related processes".

The major deliverable of the CPA are the elections in April 2010 and the South Sudan referendum in 2011.

US Senators Durbin, Brown met with Mutrif Sidiq

February 19, 2010 (KHARTOUM) – Two US lawmakers, Senators Richard Durbin and Sherrod Brown, met with the Undersecretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Mutrif Sidiq.

The visit by the two Democratic Party lawmakers coincides with one by the presidential envoy Scott Gration. This follows two senatorial delegations that visited in April and May last year, including one headed by former Democratic presidential candidate Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts.

JPEG - 60 kb
Senator Durbin Richard J. Durbin (behind) and Senator Sherrod Brown (front) spoke to the press following a meeting with Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Mutrif Sidiq, February 18, 2009

Having been in Juba on Wednesday for talks with Southern Sudanese officials, the US congressional delegation arrived Thursday in Khartoum.

They were received by Undersecretary Sidiq. In this meeting the government demanded that the United States exert additional efforts in order to achieve peace in Sudan and help the parties to enforce the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, the Foreign Ministry spokesperson said at a press briefing.

Official media had earlier reported that the senators were expected to meet presidential advisor Ghazi Salah Al Deen, who is the official in charge of the Darfur peace process for the government. The Sudan News Agency (SUNA) reported this, citing the deputy head of the US Desk at the Foreign Ministry Tariq Abu Saleh.

Ghazi is a regular point of contact with American envoys. He met in August 2009 with US Congressman Keith Ellison, a Democratic Party politician from Minnesota. Last month Rep. Ellison met with a delegation of Sudanese officials that included prominent members of the National Congress Party, according to a source in Washington.

Ghazi’s meeting with Senators Durbin and Brown did not take place due to a delayed schedule, a source in Khartoum affirmed.

"The U.S. delegation expressed a clear interest in the course of the electoral process and related technical aspects, and addressing the Darfur conflict and expressed hope that there would be a road to move forward in order to improve the Sudanese-American relations," SUNA reported on the meeting with Sidiq.

Senator Durbin described the meeting as fruitful, said SUNA. He noted that his country continued to provide aid to the people of the Sudan and that the Darfur issue is of great interest in the US and around the world.

Senator Durbin is the Assistant Majority Leader of the upper-house of the American national legislature. His visit to Sudan is part of a tour to Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Juba and Khartoum. A statement from his office said that his purpose is to examine US foreign assistance programs in the region, focusing on health, maternal and infant mortality, clean water, sanitation, refugees, and economic development.

The statement added "the Senators will also discuss regional peacekeeping and diplomatic issues."

Senators Durbin and Brown met Wednesday with President of the Government of South Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit.

Initial travel plans called for the senators to return on Friday, February 19. There departure was confirmed as of Friday morning.

Sudan condemns attack on Darfur peacekeepers

February 19, 2010 (KHARTOUM) — Sudanese government has strongly condemned the attack on UNAMID police patrol on Tuesday in South Darfur, wounding seven Pakistani soldiers.

JPEG - 31.6 kb
An Indonesian police officer talks to children as he patrols Zamzam refugee camp in North Darfur Feb 8, 2010. (Reuters)

The Sudanese government arrested two people suspected of taking part in the attack. Noureddine Mezni, the UNAMID spokesperson said today the Sudanese authorities captured one of the two vehicles carjacked by the gunmen.

In a statement released Thursday the foreign ministry denounced the attack saying it would spear no effort to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The government further pledged to intensify cooperation with the hybrid operation to prevent such attack on the future against the UNAMID and its personnel.

Ibrahim Gambari the new head of UNAMID met today with Mutrif Siddig, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss the attack.

Cambari stressed the continued consultation and cooperation between the government and UNAMID in order to enable the hybrid operation to carry out its duties in the best conditions. For his part, Mutrif Siddig, stressed the Government’s commitment to support and facilitate the task of UNAMID in Sudan.

Darfur mediator pushing for direct talks on Monday

February 18, 2010 (DOHA) — The Darfur mediation has called on stakeholders to hold a new round of direct peace talks starting on Monday, February 22 after more than three weeks of consultations among rebel groups on the issue of unity.

Joint Chief Mediator Djibril BassoleSince January 24, delegations from the Sudanese government and rebel movements arrived in the Qatari capital for comprehensive negotiations. These included the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) the Sudan Liberation Movement Revolutionary Forces (SLM-RF) and the Addis Abab Group comprising eight factions.

However, the rebel groups failed to agree on the formation of one unified delegation before the negotiations. JEM proposed the merger of the armed groups in one movement to avoid difficulties encountered during the Abuja talks. The other two groups rejected the idea saying they want only coordination with JEM.

In another effort to attain a joint political stance, the host country, Qatar, received ten days ago the former governor of the Darfur region Tijani El-Sissi, who is backed by Libya. He was proposed to head a joint negotiation team of SLM-RF and the Addis Ababa group. The proposal failed because two factions within the latter rebel coalition rejected him. In addition, the Tripoli and Addis Ababa groups failed to agree on a united delegation.

In a note issued on Thursday, the Joint Mediator invited the Sudanese government and rebel groups for a new round of talks to start next Monday, February 22.

The mediation in its note seen by Sudan Tribune said the negotiations will concern the government delegation and another delegation comprised of "the unified Movements". The rebels have until Monday to form one delegation.

Also, the mediator said the negotiations will address cessation of hostilities, final security arrangements and a comprehensive ceasefire, besides civilians’ security and voluntary return of displaced persons and refugees as well as compensation.

The issues of land, justice, reconciliation, and power and wealth sharing too will be on the negotiating table.

Reliable sources from Doha said two rebel factions – SLM of Ahmed Abdel Shafi and SLM Abdallah Khalil — from Addis Ababa group would leave following a disagreement among their Addis Ababa group. Abdel Shafi had told Sudan Tribune in the past he would not engage in talks with the government before the disarmament of militias and return of IDPs to their homeland.

Abdel Shafi who is from the Fur ethnic group was also opposed to the involvement of Tijani El-Sissi in the peace process as he was not associated to the rebel movements in the past years. Abdallah Khalil, another splinter of Abdel Wahid Al-Nur also was hostile to the former governor of Darfur.

JEM spokesperson Ahmed Hussein Adam told Sudan Tribune that JEM is willing to take part in the peace talks stressing the commitment of his movement to a negotiated settlement of the seven-year conflict.

"Yesterday 17 February was the first anniversary of the goodwill agreement we signed with the Sudanese government last year. The Sudanese and the international community have the opportunity to realize that nothing had been implemented," he said.

"However, despite the daily bombing on civilians and our positions in West Darfur, we are resolved to participate in the direct talks because we took arms to reach a negotiated political solution," he added.

Ahmed pointed out that JEM rejects Khartoum’s precondition to reach a cessation of hostilities deal and a final peace agreement before next April, when the country is supposed to hold its first free elections since 24 years ago.

Observers close to the talks in Doha said the next round of talks would probably include once again only the Sudanese government and JEM as the mediation wants only one rebel group at the table.

The rebels are expected to present their delegations on Friday to the mediation. Sudanese government repeatedly said ready for direct talks with any rebel group willing for peace talks. The head of government delegation in Doha Amin Hassan Omer said recently the resolution of conflict needs only one week.

The presidential advisor in charge of the Darfur file, Dr. Ghazi Salah Al-Din affirmed that he expected a breakthrough in the Doha talks. He acknowledged the contribution of the UN-African Union Peacekeeping Mission to maintaining peace in Darfur.

Missing from the talks is the leader of the legacy Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) Abdel-Wahid Al-Nur who lives in exile in Paris. He rejects any negotiations before achieving security on the ground in Darfur.

US Special Envoy for Sudan arrives in Khartoum

Khartoum, Feb. 19 (SUNA) - US Special Envoy for Sudan Scott Gration arrived in Khartoum Friday evening. The US Envoy is expected to meet with a number of officials in the Government of National Unity in order to discuss with them issues of common concern. It is to be noted that Gration began his visit to Sudan last Tuesday by visiting Juba, Southern Sudan, where he exchanged points of views over the upcoming elections and referendum with the First Vice President of the Republic and President of the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) Salva Kiir Mayardit.

Bashir perform the Friday prayer and addressed the support meeting Samrab area

Khartoum, Feb 19 (SUNA) -The Candidate of the National Congress Party, citizen Omar Al Bashir, performed the Friday prayer accompanied by the Minister for Defense Gen Abdul Rahim Mohamed Hussein, and Dr Abdul Rahman Al Khidir, the candidate of the National Congress, in the Hajj Mohamed Al Hajj Ali Mosque in the Samrab area in Khartoum North


Following the prayer Bashir addressed the gathering of support and backing for the candidacy of Bashir to the presidency of the Republic organized by the Organization for the Revival of the Islamic Activities in the area


Bashir has stressed that his programme is based on the Islamic Sharia, protection and implementation of the peace agreements, and the unity of the Sudan, as well as provision of basic services such as water, health, education, roads, and bridges all over the country


Bashir stressed that he does not go after a specific political party or a specific view against the others but that they all converge with others on issues that uphold high the values of implementing the values of religion


He called on all people to unite their ranks so that they would spare against foreign threats and to seek common ground in place of looking for issues of controversy and differences


He said the holding of the elections in the Sudan is in fact an implementation of the commitment made by the national salvation to its people and not a response to any foreign pressures


Bashir told the people who gathered to listen to his statement that they would soon hear some good news about the on going negotiations for the realization of peace in Darfur region and that this news would represent the end of the fighting in Darfur region and for good


Bashir thanks the Chadian president Debby for his tremendous efforts in finding a solution to the question of Darfur


Bashir stressed those who think that Darfur would be a cat paw to be used for striking at the Sudan or the national salvation were only day dreaming

Saddiq Al-Mahdi Declares his Election Programme for the Presidency

Khartoum, Feb. 18 (SUNA)- The candidate for the position of the President of the Republic and Chairman of the National Umma Party, Dr. Saddiq Al-Mahdi, Thursday evening declared his election programme through the National Television


He said that his programme focuses on guaranteeing freedoms, establishing the state of social welfare, justice and tolerance emanating from Islam, concern with environment


Al-Mahdi said that he will concentrate on the emhancement of Sudan relations with its neighbours and dealing in a positive way with the international community to solve the issue of the International Criminal Court and Sudan indebtedness


Saddiq Al-Mahdi said that he will work to solve the Darfurian issue by responding to the demands of the people of Darfur by enabling them to participate in the Presidency and the regional authority and the border of 1989, in addition to compensating the displaced people and the refugees


He declared in the context of his election programme presenting a project with agreement of the southern forces for enhancing the unity and presenting a protocol that tackles 12 issues which include the border, oil, water, Abyei, the special areas, the southerners in the north, security, the joint assets, the debts and the cooperation between the Sudanese and the horizons of the future


He said that the peace agreement adopted the views that were presented by the American party and neglected the views of the Sudanese party, a matter that harmed the agreement, especially with regard to the issues of the sharing of power and wealth


Al-Mahdi said that his party (the National Umma Party) has played a role in the peace agreement and supported it, adding that this agreement neglected important issues and failed to establish a national unity government and to make the unity attractive


He said that the elections faces a big challenge that necessitates agreement on a code of election ethics, adding that he presents this issue so that Sudan will not fell in the scenario of the Kenyan elections


He called for commitment to honesty, tolerance, and refrain from the corruption methods.

Former governor supports independent candidates

February 14, 2010 (KHARTOUM) – A former governor, Joseph Mareng Akuei Ajou voiced his support to the leader of independent candidates in Northern Bahr el Ghazal saying peaceful transfer of power through choice of the majority has always been a desire of Mading Aweil people.

JPEG - 9.1 kb
General Dau Aturjong (ST)

The former governor who had been unilaterally removed by presidential decree despite his popularity, explained democracy serve as platform that enable ordinary people choose government of their choice.

Joseph announced today his support to an independent candidate for North Bahr el Ghazal governor, saying public office is not held for life. "I called on all citizens of Northern Bahr el Ghazal and SPLM leadership to support General Dau and his group to win upcoming elections," he said.

"This is because this position of governor as I have said earlier belongs to people of Northern Bahr el Ghazal state and not individuals," he said, adding "let us all support him (General Dau) to win this election and Malong must come here to stay with us in Juba".

Incumbent governor Malong Awan lobbied for the removal of Joseph Mareng Akuei who was the first post CPA governor replacing Garang Deng Aguer.

Garang is a business man and runs successful business projects in the regional capital of Juba now. He owns many bars and commercial hotels including Home and Away which host most of the SPLM political bureau sittings.

Governor Mareng was removed after allegations that he was too close to the NCP through former deputy prime minister Aldo Ajou Deng Akuey who served with NCP as head of the human right committee in the National Assembly from 2005 to 2007 when he decided to cross to the SPLM after return from Canada.

Both Ajou and Mareng are relatives but their supports are divided onto current gubernatorial contenders with Aldo Ajou supporting incumbent governor Malong Awan while Joseph Mareng supports General Dau.

However, many observers criticized incumbent governor for accepting Aldo Ajou to serve as private advisor and influential figure in all gubernatorial decisions that are made and taken by him including cabinet and local government appointments. They question legitimacy of allowing Aldo who was source of removal of former governor Mareng becomes illegal advisor.

General Dau also gets support from ex-governor Madut Biar Yel, who serves as minister of telecommunications and post services in the government of South Sudan.

Supports of the incumbent governor are limited to members of his administration and their relatives making him susceptible to loosing upcoming elections to General Dau who gets supports from a composite group of people seeking change through election.

Student’s death in Omdurman said to be political murder

February 14, 2010 (KHARTOUM) – Mohamed Moussa, the student whose body was found Thursday with marks of torture, was an activist in the student organization affiliated with the Sudan Liberation Movement led by Abdel Wahid Mohamed Al-Nur. He was abducted on the afternoon of Wednesday, February 10, at the main gate of the Khartoum University Faculty of Education in Omdurman.

A member of the Darfur Bar Association stated that the kidnappers, who arrived at the university in a truck, were members of the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS).

Moussa was found dead the next day in an open space in El Nile town in Omdurman, said the lawyer. Another account distributed by the Sudanese Communist Party stated that he was found dead inside a school in Al-Gamayir neighborhood in Omdurman. "His body bore signs of wounds and burns," read a press statement from the party.

Likewise, the news agency Reuters cited Darfuri student Mohamed Adam who saw the body at the morgue: "His hands were burnt, his skin cut up ... and his clothes soaked in blood," he said.

Moussa’s full name is Mohamed Moussa Abdullah Bahraldien. He was a native of Kebkabiya in North Darfur, according to the independent Radio Dabanga broadcasting from exile. The police have refused to give his family a copy of the report of the morgue.

Student organizations affiliated with the SLM of exiled rebel leader Abdel Wahid Al-Nur have been targeted in the past in a number of Sudanese cities. Darfuri student Mutasim Boker told Reuters that the ruling National Congress Party were responsible, saying "This was definitely NCP ... this is not the first time they have targeted us."

The statement of the Sudanese Communist Party stressed that the circumstances of the murder incline them to believe that the student had been killed for political reasons, particularly since Moussa was known for his activism in the student organization of the Sudan Liberation Movement led by Abdel Wahid Mohamed Al-Nur.

The campaign phase of Sudan’s nationwide elections began yesterday. Legal provisions granting security organs broad powers of arrest and detention have not been suspended ahead of the April elections.

President Al-Bashir Acquainted with Outcome of the Arab League's Delegation to Darfur

Khartoum, Feb. 14 (SUNA) - President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, Sunday evening received at the Guest House the visiting delegation of the Arab League, which is headed by the League's Secretary General, Amro Musa, and got acquainted with the outcome of their visit to Darfur and their meeting in Al-Fasher, the capital of North Darfur State and their inauguration of a number of model integrated villages in Darfu r. President Al-Bashir praised the efforts being carried out by the Arab League in supporting the humanitarian situation in Darfur, indicating that the elections in Sudan will be a strong boost the stability in Sudan


He thanked the Arab League for its agreement to observe the elections in Sudan


President Al-Bashir reviewed at the meeting the developments in south Sudan, affirming the government keenness to support the Arab investments that come to south Sudan, especially that the next year will witness holding of the referendum on the future of south Sudan


President Al-Bashir said that the Arab investments in the south will boost the relation between the north and the south and will help the development and stability in south Sudan


He said that Darfur issue was escalated by forces that do not want Sudan to enjoy peace and stability, referring to the ongoing efforts for realizing peace and a political solution in Darfur and enhancing the humanitarian situation there President Al-Bashir said that a conference for rehabilitation in Darfur will be held in Cairo with participation of all the Arab countries.

Yasser Arman Launches his Election Campaign

Khartoum, Feb. 14 (SUNA) - Deputy Secretary General of Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) for the North Sector and SPLM candidate for the position of the president of the republic, Yasser Arman, Sunday evening launched his election campaign from the house of the late patriotic leader, Ali Abdul-Latif, in Omdurman city, in the presence of a number of the SPLM leaders and supporters


Arman explained that his election programme is based on the slogan of the New Sudan which depends on the voluntary unity between the citizens of the north and the south and the components of the Sudanese community. He spoke on the voluntary unity, stressing that his party will work to complete the peace process and the democratic transformation


Arman stressed the importance of reaching a comprehensive and just solution for Darfur issue


He announced that the programme of Sudan Liberation Movement (SPLM) aim to realizing balanced and sustainable development, enhancement of the agriculture, providing services and work opportunities and establishment of foreign relations for the interest of the homeland


He called on all parties to work for holding fair and honest elections


Meanwhile, the candidate of the SPLM for the position of Khartoum State's Wali (Governor), Edward Lino, reviewed his election programme at all fields.

Sudan’s VP Taha blames Turabi for Darfur violence

February 10, 2010 (KHARTOUM) –The Sudanese 2nd Vice president Ali Osman Taha lashed out at the leader of the Popular Congress Party (PCP) Hassan Al-Turabi accusing him of fueling the conflict in Sudan’s western region of Darfur.

Speaking to a select group of Egyptian figures in Cairo, Taha said that the rift that emerged within the Islamic movement was the primary reason behind the escalation of war with the Darfur rebels which carried arms against the central government in 2003.

Al-Turabi was a former ally of Sudanese president Omer Hassan Al-Bashir and at the time considered the government’s ideological mastermind in the 1990s and the De-facto ruler.

However in 1999 Al-Turabi who was then parliament speaker fell out with Bashir and was jailed on accusations of conspiracy. He was released in October 2003.

Taha was considered one of the closest “disciples” of Turabi but later helped rally the Islamist movement to strip him from his powers and hegemony over the government. Turabi has reportedly said privately that he would pardon Bashir and not Taha should he ever regain back his power.

“Turabi carries the blood [burden] of everyone killed there [in Darfur]” Taha said during his three day visit to Egypt adding that the Islamist leader “does not realize what they fell into and lead Sudan and innocent people of Darfur into”.

“The blood that has been spilled in Darfur is the responsibility of Turabi through his religious and political justifications to his [party] members whom he pushed to bear arms” the Sudanese VP said.

The Sudanese government continuously asserts that the powerful Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) fighting in Darfur is the military wing of the PCP something which Turabi has firmly denied.

In May 2008, the Darfurian rebels staged a bold attack and fought fierce battles with the Sudanese army on the outskirts of the capital before they were repulsed.

Taha ruled out any attempt of reconciliations with Turabi saying it is “useless” and that this dialogue would be a “recount of distant memories and unhelpful arguments”.

Ironically Taha and Turabi are believed to be behind the assassination attempt on Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak in Addis Ababa back in mid-90’s which almost escalated into a full blown war between Cairo and Khartoum.

It was not until the last few years that Taha broke the ice with the Egyptian government and resumed contacts with them at the most senior levels. In one incident Mubarak refused to meet with Taha when he was in Egypt and instead met the next day with Bashir’s special envoy who was the then minister of information Mahdi Ibrahim.

Taha’s remarks may reflect an attempt to calm and suspicions in Cairo fears that he still maintains the hard line Islamist ideology of Turabi particularly if he was to ever to assume Sudan’s presidency.

The Sudanese president is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for alleged war crimes committed in Darfur which has restricted his travels abroad and meetings with foreign dignitaries.

The ICC filing against Bashir also said that Taha played a key role in mobilizing the notorious Janjaweed militias during the Darfur conflict.

Ali Osman Taha “played an important role in implementing Al-Bashir’s plan, in particular by assisting in the mobilization of Militia/Janjaweed” the application says.

“GoS officials released from prison tribal leader Musa Hilal and Col. Shukurtallah. Vice President Taha instructed Hilal to mobilize his tribesmen into the force that became known as the ‘Quick, Light and Horrible Forces of Misteriha’”.

However, Taha was not charged by the ICC prosecutor.

Four killed after militia’s attack on South Darfur camp

February 10, 2010 (KHARTOUM) – Four civilians were killed and 15 others wounded following a raid carried out by militiamen in the restive region of Darfur, an eyewitness told Sudan Tribune.

JPEG - 24.1 kb
Pro-government janjaweed militiamen on top of a heavily armed pickup patrol the main road out of the Kirinding-2 refugee camp at the outskirts of Al-Geneina, April 24,07

The Jamjaweed attacked Al-Baytari camp southern Kass town in South Darfur state on Tuesday morning where they killed four residents and wounded 15 people while there are 15 missing persons.

Mohamed Adam, a resident of the camp told Sudan Tribune by telephone that the assailants composed of the Central Reserve Police elements raided the camp at 7;30 am local time.

He added the attack occurred after the killing of a militiaman by another rival militia called United Police who had thrown his body outside the IDPs camp.

The attack comes at a time where the rebel delegations in Doha failed to agree on the issue of unity before talks with the Sudanese government to settle the conflict. Also another rebel group led by Abdel Wahid Al-Nur boycotts the process calling on Khartoum to disarm its militias before to join the negotiating table.

Adam said the residents of the camp are concerned and fear another attack as militiamen are gathered at the outskirts of the town after the arrival of the governor of South Darfur Omer Abdul Gabar who ordered them to quit the area.

He further said the district authorities and police failed to curb the numerous militiamen and prevent them from looting livestock and goods of the displaced population and shopkeepers. He also said they burnt the market of the camp and many houses.

The governor directed to investigate the attack and determine the responsible of the causalities, he added.

An official from the hybrid peacekeeping operation in Darfur told Reuters that one of the UNAMID patrols on Tuesday saw armed horsemen riding into the camp, while others surrounded the settlement.

"They were members of an Arab militia, apparently related to the man who was killed. They were shooting sporadically when they entered the camp," he said.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant on April 27, 2007 for the former state minister for interior and current governor of South Kordofan and a militia leader Ali Kushayb on 51 counts of crime against humanity and war crimes in April 2007. Sudan has refused to hand the pair over saying it does not recognize the jurisdiction of the court.

Dr. Salahuddin Hails Distinguished Role of Qatar for Solving Darfur Issue

Doha, Feb. 10 (SUNA) - The Presidential Advisor and official of Darfur file, Dr. Ghazi Salahuddin, has praised the distinguished role being assumed by Qatar for realizing peace in Darfur


In a statement reported by the Qatari News Agency Wednesday evening, Dr. Salahuddin said that Qatar has shouldered up all the responsibility for implementing the Arab - African peace initiative for realizing peace in Darfur, adding that the Sudanese people are greatly appreciating this role of sister Qatar


On the rapprochement achieved in the relations between Khartoum and N'djamena, Dr. Salahuddin said that the visit paid to Sudan by the Chadian President, Idris Deby, to Khartoum led an important evolution at both levels of the bilateral relation between Sudan and Chad and the issue of Darfur with all its complications


He said indicated that the remarkable enhancement in the Sudanese - Chadian relations would have a positive impact on the security and development in Darfur and resettlement of the displaced people.

Council of the Arab League to Leave for Sudan Saturday to Hold its Historic Meeting in Al-Fasher

Cairo, Feb. 10 (SUNA)- The envoy of the Arab League to Sudan, Ambassador Salah Halima, announced that the programme of the visit of the League's delegation starts from Cairo directly to Al-Fasher, the capital of North Darfur, as of Saturday


He said in a press statement in Cairo Wednesday that the Arab League's Secretary General, Amro Musa, accompanied by the Arab permanent envoys to the league, will then inaugurate projects implemented by the Arab League


He said that the Arab League's Secretary General and the accompanying delegation will inaugurate Sunday in Al-Fasher a number of model villages established by the League, and will hold the historic meeting of the Arab League at the level of the permanent envoys in the city to affirm the Arab League's solidarity with Sudan efforts for realizing security and stability in Darfur region


Ambassador Halima said that the Arab League's delegation will leave Al-Fasher to Khartoum to meet with the President of the Republic, adding that the League's Secretary General will then hold a press conference to inform about the outcome of the delegation's visit before leaving to Cairo in the next day


He said that the Arab summit of Doha has decided assignment of eight million dollars for Sudan for one year, indicating that the Arab League and Sudan have implemented, through a joint mechanism, a number of projects for providing basic services to the displaced people toward boosting the voluntary repatriation of the displaced people to their home areas


He said that these projects included integrated model villages in the three states of Darfur with a school, a mosque, a police station, a medical center and a social club in every village, adding that each village is supplied with electricity and water services.

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