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Minister of Irrigation sets up committee to study impacts of decline River Nile levels on irrigated agriculture

Khartoum, Sept. 26 (SUNA) - Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources, Engineer Kamal Ali Mohamed, issued a decision forming a higher committee headed by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources to study the impacts of the decline in water levels of the River Nile and its tributaries on the irrigated agriculture, power generation and stations of drinking water for the period from September 2009 until May 2010. The Committee includes as its members the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and representatives of the National Electricity Corporation as well as officials of Nile Water Corporation. The Committee shall make all the necessary arrangements and procedures to address the immediate effects of decline in the River Nile Water as well as to make available water supply from the River Nile and the Dams for both drinking and agriculture. Of the other hand, the Ministry will change the time set earlier for filling up Roseires, Sennar and Jebel Awilyia dams with water from the River Nile in order to increase water levels in the course of the Blue Nile and the main Nile and Atbara River.

Ministry of Energy and Mining refutes Global Witness report on produced oil quantities

Khartoum, Sept 26 (SUNA)- The Minister of Energy and Mining has refuted a report published by Global Witness on difference in the figures on Sudan oil production which were declared by each of the Sudanese Ministry of Finance and the Chinese Oil Company. In press conference organized on Saturday, the Minister of Energy and Mining, Al -Zubair Ahmed Al Hassan, said that the report was not a new one and intended to cast doubt on the actual produced oil quantities. He said that the report concentrated on the transport and administrative costs which included in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, said the Minister. The minister said that the figures announced by the Ministry of Finance are accurate and that the reports issued by Greater Nile Company had confirmed this accuracy. He said that the Government of South Sudan is represented in all the institutions that are concerned with the production and sharing of oil which are the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Energy and the Central Bank of Sudan, adding that the Government of South Sudan has set up a follow up committee and named a British auditor to check its oil accounts. He said that the Ministry of Energy and Mining, in collaboration with the Presidency of the Republic and Petroleum Commission, will clarify facts and cooperate with concerned technical bodies toward protection of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

First Vice President appreciates federal support to affected people in Jonglei State

Juba, Sept. 26(SUNA) -) First Vice President of the Republic and President of the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) Lt. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, appreciated the assistance extended by the federal ministerial committee, chaired by the Federal Minister of Health, Dr. Thabita Boutros, to the affected and displaced persons in Duk Padiet in Jonglei state following the attack by armed groups against the area last week. Meanwhile, the Federal Minister of Health said to the press that the federal committee briefed the First Vice President about its visit to Duk Padiet area in Jonglei State as well as the volume of support to the affected people, including blankets, tents, mosquito nets, food and medical stuff. She also referred to the meetings held with the leaders of government and native administration in the area. She added that the meeting with the First Vice President also touched on the efforts being exerted in Duk Padiet in Jonglei state and the necessity to retain assistance to the affected people as well as disarmament besides the necessity of holding reconciliation conferences among the tribes of the area.

Sudan to participate in Russia's Workshop on Darfur

Khartoum, Sept. 26 (SUNA) - The Government of Sudan welcomed the Russian invitation to hold an international meeting to discuss ideas and proposals on solving the issues of Darfur on 6 - 7 October. In this connection, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dr. Mutrif Siddiq explained that the Russian envoy to Peace in Sudan, Mikhail Margelov, is preparing for this meeting, adding that it focuses on speeding up the realization of Peace in Darfur by studying variety of solutions to the conflict. "Russia's meeting will be in the form of workshop rather than an international conference as circulated by the media," said Dr. Mutrif Siddiq. He revealed that the Sudanese delegation to the meeting will be chaired by the Adviser of the President Dr. Ghazi Salah Al-Deen who is in charge of Darfur dossier. He also expected the Joint UN-AU Mediator Djibril Bassole and some parties of the joint Arab-African Peace Initiative for Darfur to take part in the workshop

Minister of Sciences and Technology on visit of President Al-Bashir to Saudi Arabia

Khartoum, Sept. 26 (SUNA) - Minister of Sciences and Technology Prof. Ibrahim Ahmed Omer affirmed the importance of the scientific cooperation between Sudan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This came in a statement to SUNA at Khartoum airport upon the return of President to Khartoum Friday night after a four-day visit to the Kingdom on the invitation of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz, in which he participated in the inauguration King Abdullah University for Science and Technology. Prof. Omer commended the concept of the King Abdullah University for Science and Technology, expecting it to achieve great success and to contribute in the cooperation between the compatriots of the Muslim nation as well as between science and faith. In this connection, the Minister lauded the scientific cooperation between Sudan and Saudi Arabia in the fields of modern sciences, revealing that there are two Sudanese students in the King Abdullah University for Science and Technology. He explained that President Al-Bashir met, during his visit to Saudi Arabia, number of Kings, presidents and representatives of sisterly and friendly delegations who attended the university's inauguration.

President Al-Bashir Arrives in Jeddah

Jeddah, Sept. 22 (SUNA) - President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir and the accompanying delegation arrived here Tuesday evening to participate in the celebrations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the inauguration of the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Wednesday


Upon his arrival at the King Abdul-Aziz International Airport, President Al-Bashir was received by the Prince Khalid Al-Faisal Bin Abdul Aziz, Emir of Makah Region, Sudan's ambassador to the Kingdom, Abdul Hafiz Ibrahim, and a number of members of the Sudan Embassy

Haroun Set Roadmap to his Newly Formed Government

Kadugli, Sept. 22 (SUNA) - South Kordofan Wali (Governor), Ahmed Mohamed Haroun has set a roadmap to his government he recently formed for realization of a number of goals; the top of which is the making of change in all political, social and economic domains


He added that the government is concerned with making a big qualitative move at the all life levels with concentration on the roads, water and the promptly- impact projects


In the first meeting of the new State's Council of Ministers he presided over in Kadugli; in the presence of the Federal Minister of Health, Dr. Tabitha Boutros and the commissioners of the localities, Haroun urged his government to work in accordance with the genuine partnership spirit


He asked the government to bear the spirit of national responsibility and to be away of the politics and partisan agenda, calling on it to exercise the executive work impartially to realize a model of a government hat can serve everyone without distinction


He directed the commissioners of the localities to work for achievement of maximum returns with minimum cost without imposing any fees or taxes on the citizens


Haroun reviewed the government's plan which includes establishment of roads axis; the implementation of them has already started, mine-clearing and civil service integration


Water resources are also of great importance in the plan. The South Kordofan State's Wali added that since the water represents the key factor in the dispute among the tribes in the state, the government has set a plan to raise the water productivity via a huge project of water harvesting


He referred to the use of the state to a specialized consulting firm to do studies of new network system of water in six major cities in the state, noting that the Bank of Khartoum expressed willingness to finance the implementation of these networks

President Al-Bashir leaves for Saudi Arabia at invitation of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques

Khartoum, Sept. 22 (SUNA) - President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir has left here to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the invitation of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz


The President's visit comes in response to the Royal invitation to participate in the opening of the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, which will be officially opened on Wednesday


The university is considered as the largest technological university in the Middle East and one of the most important edifices of technological and scientific education, which recently launched in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


During the visit the leaders of the two sisterly countries will discuss bilateral relations and means of boosting them further in all domains; and President of the Republic is to perform Umrah


President of the Republic is accompanying by a delegation includes Minister of Presidential Affairs, Gen. Bakry Hassan Salih and Minister of Science and Technology, Prof. Ibrahim Ahmed Omer alongside the State Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ali Karti and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Federal Health, Dr. Kamal Abdul-Gadr


President Al-Bashir was seen off at the Khartoum Airport by Vice President Ali Osman Mohamed Taha and a number of ministers

White Nile Sugar Company to Fold up the file of Financing next October

Khartoum, Sept 22 (SUNA) - The White Nile Sugar Company is to fold up the file of financing following signing of an agreement of 50 million dollars with the Saudi Development Fund and an other agreement with the Arab Development Fund at 100 million dollars in next October


Minister of Industry, Dr. Jalal Yousuf Al-Degair said in a statement to SUNA that the sugar plan targets production of one million tons of sugar to satisfy the needs of domestic consumption and to export the surplus abroad


It is to be recalled that the White Nile Sugar Company had signed agreement with some local and foreign banks at amount of finance totaled 105 million dollars led by the United Capital Bank on importation of equipment pertinent to sugar refinery


The General Manager of the White Nile Sugar Company, Hassan Sati said to SUNA that the project would be in effect in October 2010 for production of 450 thousand tons of sugar, 104 megawatts of electricity and 60 million litres of the ethanol fuel

Dr. Salahul-Din to Participate in the United Nations' Meetings

Khartoum, Sept 22 (SUNA) - Presidential Advisor, Dr. Ghazi Salahul-Din is to leave here for New York on Wednesday leading Sudan delegation participating in the meetings of the United Nations' General Assembly session No. 64


Director of the Foreign Organizations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Magdi Mohamed Taha said to SUNA that Dr. Salahul-Din would present Sudan's address before the United nations' General Assembly on September 28


Ambassador Taha added that the address included explanations of developments in the country, the situation in Darfur and progress of implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), in addition to the Sudan's stance towards some issues


He pointed out that Sudan is to participate in all the activities pertinent to the next session of the UN's general assembly including participation in the meetings of the Group of 77 and China; in its capacity as the chairman of the group. Sudan leads the activities and initiatives of the developing countries at the level of all committees of the UN's general assembly and will assume, during the session, the Vice President of the UN's General Assembly


Ambassador Taha said that the Sudan's delegation will hold bilateral meetings, on the fringes of the session of UN's general assembly, with the delegations of the different countries to discuss fields of bilateral cooperation and the issues of common concern. In additions, the delegation is to participate in the regional and international coordinating meetings which Sudan enjoys their membership

Mahdi Ibrahim: Sudan Aims to Achieve Satisfactory Formula for Relations with the United States

Khartoum, Sept. 12 (SUNA) - The National Congress pointed out that its programme for the coming stage includes working to reach a satisfactory formula for relations with the United States which is based on equality and respect of sovereignty toward boosting Sudan stability and the interest of its people. In a paper he presented Saturday before the Conference of the Political Sector of the National Congress, Mahdi Ibrahim referred to the attempts of the new American administration to change the foreign policy of the United States through enhancement of its relations with other countries, and on the basis of dialogue, mutual understanding and respect to the choices of other nations, and contrary to the foreign policy of the former President Bush who dedicated the eight years of his rule to support the hegemony of the white man and to satisfy his desire for suppressing peoples, a matter that harmed the American foreign policy. MO/MO

Ambassador Abdul-Halim: American Decision on Sanctions Reflects Confusion in Washington Policies

Khartoum, Sept. 12 (SUNA)- Sudan permanent envoy to the United Nations, Ambassador Abdul-Mahmoud Abdul-Halim, described the decision of the United States to exempt some parts of Sudan from sanctions and to retain unilateral sanctions on north Sudan as a step reflecting the confusion in the policies of the United States and its lack for wisdom and methodology. He said that Sudan, which has realized its biggest accomplishments under the pressures poses by such sanctions, regards this move of Washington as assertion to its policies for splitting entities at several areas in the world. Ambassador Abdul-Halim said that the imposition of sanctions is against the UN Charter, the International Law and the bases of the international trade system. He added that Sudan does not regard the imposition of unilateral sanctions as a suitable step for establishing relations that are based on mutual respect and respect to the choices of other nations. MO/MO

Dr. Ghazi Salahuddin to Hold Press Conference on Sunday

Khartoum, Sept. 12 (SUNA)- The Presidential Advisor and official of Darfur file, Dr. Ghazi Salahuddin, will hold Sunday noon at the Federal Government Chamber a press conference to review the developments in Darfur issue and the efforts to boost peace at the region. MO/MO

Dr. Mandour Al-Mahdi: Some of SPLM Elements Devoted themselves to Serve Foreign Agenda

Khartoum, Sept. 12 (SUNA) - The National Congress has accused some elements of Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) of devoting themselves to serve foreign agenda far away from the spirit and goals of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), a matter that changed the existing partnership between the two parties into intrigues. In the working paper he gave Saturday before the Conference of the Political Sector of the National Congress at the Friendship Hall, Dr. Mohamed Mandour Al-Mahdi, said that some of the SPLM elements rendered mechanisms of the CPA as forums for spreading enmity, misconfidence and hatred and splitting the unity.. He said that the experiment of the SPLM demonstrated that there are elements who are honest for south Sudan issue and other elements who trade with it, adding that the people of south Sudan became aware about the persons who are honest to their issues and those who are not. Dr. Al-Mahdi said that the National Congress will work together with the patriotic and honest leaders of the SPLM for realizing the objectives of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). He said that the National Congress was hopeful that the partnership with Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) will achieve wide strides after the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) for realizing peace and stability and mobilizing the energies for implementing the development and re-building programmes. MO/MO

Dr. Mandour Al-Mahdi: National Congress will boost its alliances with other political forces

Khartoum, Sept. 12 (SUNA) - The National Congress announced that it will work in the coming stage for bolstering its alliances with the other political forces with which it has signed Darfur and East Sudan peace agreements and Jeddah and Cairo agreements toward pushing ahead the joint work for the welfare of Sudan and realizing political stability and the unity of rank. In the paper he presented Saturday at the Conference of the Political Sector of the National Congress, Dr. Mohamed Mandour Al-Mahdi said that Sudan is now at the threshold of a new stage of its national march which includes the work for realizing democratic transformation. He said that the adopted political system has mode wide strides for realizing democratic transformation, indicating that the Sudanese people are now participating in the political work through their Shura institutions. Dr. Al-Mahdi indicated that the Registrar of Political Parties has registered more than 70 political parties all of them have met the conditions required for practicing political and democratic work. He said that the National Congress is strongly supporting the Constitution and the objective of democratic transformation, stressing that the National Congress will participate with confidence and determination in the elections, and will never tolerate any attempt to hinder the democratic process. He said that the elections were stipulated by the Constitution and represent a genuine right and choice of the Sudanese people. MO/MO

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