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Meeting of African Peace and Security Council to Start Tuesday in Addis Ababa

Khartoum, Aug, 23 (SUNA) - The meetings of the African Peace and Security Council is due to start Tuesday in the Addis Ababa in the presence of the two partners of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) who will deliver two regular repots on the progress of the agreement. The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Muawia Osman Khalid, told reporters that the delegation of the National Congress Party (NCP) will be chaired by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Mutrif Siddig. He added that the meeting will be attended by the Chairman of the (CPA) Assessment and Evaluation Commission, Sir Derek Plumbly. IF/MO

Humanitarian Operations in Western Equatoria Suspended due to LRA Attacks

Khartoum, Aug. 23 (SUNA) - The Representative of the World Food Programme (WFP) announced that the organizations operating in south Sudan have suspended their activities at Ezo area in Western Equatoria due to the attacks of the Ugandan Lord Resistance Army (LRA), while the humanitarian organizations suspended their operations there and evicted their workers. The WFP representative said that the rebel LRA forces have attacked them while they were distributing food at Ezo area and looted part of the relief materials, therefore the organizations adopted a partial measure represented in the suspension of their activities. He added that the organizations would return to operate at that area as soon as the security situation is improved. The WFP representative pointed out that south Sudan is witnessing an acute shortage of food as a result of the deteriorating security conditions, adding that estimation refer to the need of 22,000 metric tons to cover the requirement till the end of October. He said that the real challenge is that the required food materials shall be transported by air due to the rainfall and tribal disputes in the south. He expected the food gap in the south to continue until mid October or early November due to the security problems and the LRA attacks. MO/MO

Khartoum State, Switzerland Cooperation Discussed

Khartoum, Aug, 23 (SUNA) - The Wali (governor) of Khartoum State, Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Khidir, received at his office Sunday the Ambassador of Switzerland to Sudan and reviewed the expertise of Switzerland in the administration of cities. The ambassador expressed his country's readiness to contribute to the tourism and folklore work in Sudan, adding that Switzerland will rehabilitate Sudan's National Museum. Dr. Al-Khidir welcomed the cooperation between Khartoum State and Switzerland, IFMO

US Congress Delegation to Visit Sudan on Tuesday

Khartoum, Aug. 23 (SUNA) - A delegation of the US Congress is due to arrive in Khartoum on Tuesday. The Director of the American Department, Ambassador, Nasr-Eddin Wali, said that the delegation will visit Sudan to get informed on the humanitarian situation and meet with the State Minister at the Presidency of the Republic, Idris Mohamed Abdul-Gadir, the Undersecretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Mutrif Siddiq, and officials at the Ministry of International Cooperation. He said that the US Congress delegation will visit North Darfur State to meet with its Wali (governor) and the UNAMID command and to visit a number of displaced people camps. MO/MO

Quartet Consultative Meeting on Sudan Convenes in Cairo

Cairo, Aug. 23 (SUNA) - A consultative meeting between Sudan, Egypt, Libya and the United States was held in Cairo to discuss ways to boost peace and stability in Sudan. The meeting, which was held at the premises of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was attended by the Presidential Advisor, Dr. Ghazi Salahuddin, the Egyptian Foreign Minister, Ahmed Abul-Ghait, the Egyptian Minister, Omer Suleiman, the Libyan Foreign Minister, Musa Kosa, the State Minister Mohamed Al-Sayala, and the American envoy for Sudan, General Scott Gration. The spokesman of the Egyptian Foreign Minister, Ambassador Hussam Zaki, said that the quartet meeting was held after extensive talks between the four parties with the aim to prop up the peace and stability in Sudan. He said that the meeting provided opportunity to discuss progress of the talks between the different Sudanese parties and all the files for realizing peace and stability in Sudan, including the file of Darfur issue and the relation between the north and the south. Ambassador Zaki said that the meeting deliberated about ways to support the contacts being conducted by the four parties to provide appropriate atmosphere for reaching a comprehensive and lasting political solution for Darfur issue and paving the way for normalization of the relations between Sudan and Chad. He said that the meeting exchanged views on means of boosting the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). MO/MO

President Al-Bashir Addresses Concluding Sitting of the National Congress Economic Sector

Khartoum, Aug. 19 (SUNA)- President of the Republic and Chairman of the National Congress, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, has described the economic sector as the most important sector of the National Congress due to its role for providing political, economic, security and social stability. Addressing the concluding sitting of the National Congress Economic Sector Wednesday at the Friendship Hall, President Al-Bashir reviewed the serious efforts of the state for increasing the provision of basic services, such as education, water and health. He referred to the plots being woven against the National Salvation Revolution as well as the economic blockade and ill-natured media campaign against Sudan. President Al-Bashir appreciated the economic growth and progress which was achieved in Sudan, a matter which has astonished the international economic observers. He said that the Islamic economic experiment represented a safety valve and immunized Sudan against the economic crises which have destroyed socialism and capitalism. He called for benefiting from the economic experiments of other nations for enhancing the Sudanese economy and avoiding basic dependence on the oil revenues. MO/MO

Presidents Al-Bashir and Abu-Mazin Hold Talks

Khartoum, Aug. 19 (SUNA)- President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, and the visiting Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, Abu-Mazin, Wednesday evening held talks at the Guest House on the situation at the Palestinian arena and the Palestinian dialogue. In a statement to the press after the meeting, President Al-Bashir affirmed Sudan firm support to the Palestinian people and cause. He referred to the continuous consultation between Sudan and Palestine, appreciating the role of the Palestinian President in support of Sudan at all the international forums. President Al-Bashir has congratulated President Abu-Mazin on success of the recent Conference of Fath Movement. The Palestinian President has lauded the role of Sudan in support of the Palestinian question and patching up the rift in the Palestinian rank. He said that he acquainted President Al-Bashir on the developments at the Palestinian arena and outcome of the recent conference of Fath Movement. President Abu-Mazin affirmed the coming stage for resumption of the Palestinian dialogue before holding the elections in January. MO/MO

Round-Table Conference on Darfur Peace Agreement Concludes Sittings in Al-Fasher

Al-Fasher, Aug. 19 (SUNA)- The Round-Table Conference on Darfur Peace Agreement was concluded Wednesday at the headquarters of the joint UN and African Union Mission for Darfur (UNAMID) in Al-Fasher, the capital of North Darfur State. Representatives of Sudan government and the armed movements which signed Darfur peace agreement attended the conference that was organized by UNAMID. Representatives of the partners of the United Nations, the African Union and the Arab League also took part at the conference. In a statement to SUNA after the concluding sitting, the Senior Assistant of the President of the Republic and Chairman of Sudan Liberation Movement, Meni Arko Menawi, said that the conference discussed issues and arrangements pertinent to Darfur peace agreement and other means to realize comprehensive peace in Darfur, as well as the Darfuri - Darfuri dialogue. He said that the conference will be resumed in next October to continue discussions toward achieving united visions to boost the mechanisms for implementing Darfur peace agreement. Menawi said that all parties have called for reactivating efforts to implement Darfur peace agreement as soon as possible, taking into consideration that other armed movements did not sign Darfur peace agreement. Representative of the government at the conference, Dr. Omer Adam Rahama, said that the meetings were fruitful and realized their goals, especially with regard to boosting the joint work between the signatory movements, the government and the joint UN - African Union Mission for Darfur (UNAMID). He hoped that the conference reflected a strong message to the non signatory movements so as to join the negotiations for reaching a comprehensive peace in Darfur. The leader of Sudan Liberation Movement (major faction), Abul-Gasim Imam Al-Haj, decribed Al-Fasher conference as fruitful, adding that the conferees agreed on the importance of continuing joint work to get assured about the implementation of Darfur peace agreement. MO/MO

30 Ambulance Vehicles to be Launched Thursday as Part of Saudi Humanitarian Aid

Khartoum, Aug. 19 (SUNA) - A celebration will be held Thursday to launch 30 ambulance vehicles extended by Saudi Arabia. In a statement to SUNA, the Executive Director of the Saudi Relief Programme, Dr. Maala Al-Jabiri, said that the 30 ambulance vehicles are part of Saudi humanitarian aid for Sudan in the health and medical field. Al-Jabiri said that the ambulance vehicles will be distributed among health centres in Darfur states. The launching celebration of the ambulances will be attended by the Ministers of Humanitarian Affairs and Health, the Secretary General of the Saudi Red Crescent Society and the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Sudan. MO/MO

Dosa: 75 Parties are Registered and Entitled to Practice all Political Activities

Khartoum, Aug. 19 (SUNA) - Chairman of the Council for Political Parties Affairs, Mohamed Bushara Dosa, said that 75 political parties have completed the procedure on their registration and now qualified to practice all the political activities guaranteed to them by the law. He called on the official organs to cooperate with the political parties and not to impede their work. Addressing a workshop organized by the Council of the Political Parties Affairs, in collaboration with the United Nations on the elections, Dosa said that the political parties are required to practice democracy within their institutions, be aware of the common goals of the political parties, to stick to objectivity and the ethics of the political activity and to work for the permanence of democracy. Meanwhile, the UN Representative to Sudan, addressed the workshop stressing the importance of holding free and fair elections. He said that the UN is keen to provide orientation and technical support to the parties of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). He announced that 50 employees from different nationalities will work together with the National Elections Commission, adding that the UN will extend logistic support and have nothing to do with observation of the elections. MO/MO

The President of the Republic witness the second Baraka wedding for employees at the Republican palace on Friday

Khartoum, Aug. 7 (SUNA) - The President of the Republic Field Marshal Omar Al Bashir on Friday witnessed the second Bakaka (blessed) Wedding for 60 couples, including four Christian couples, working in the Republican Palace


The wedding was organized at the Republican Palace in the presence of the Vice President Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, Senior Assistant of the President of the President of the Republic, Mini Arko Minawi, Assistant of the President Dr Nafie Ali Nafie, and a number of Presidential assistant and officials in the government


The occasion was under the patronage of the Minister for the Presidency Affairs, Gen Bakri Hassan Salih. MA/MA


U.S. Congressman meets with the head of the African Union- United Nations Mission in Darfur

Al Fashir, August 7 (SUNA)- The visiting U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison of the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, met with the head of the African Union- United Nations Mission in Darfur -UNAMID- R Adada and got briefed on the deployment of the mission and the political, humanitarian and Human rights developments in Darfur. The visting Congress man has pointed out that the issue of Darfur attracts great attention and concern in the Congress and that his visit to the area is aimed at assessing the situation on the ground and getting a briefing on the latest developments in the region. The congressman also talked with UNAMID offcials on the upcoming electiosn in the Sudan and the challenges facing the IDPs during the coming months. Adada on his part pointed to the many challenges facing the mission top of which lack of the helicopter planes necessary for the UNAMID to discharge its mission mandate. He said the mission is now deployed to 71%. MA/MA

Chairman of Al-Ihsan Charitable Foundation calls for correction misconceptions about Islam

Khartoum, August 6 (SUNA) - Sheikh Mohammed Sheikh Hassan Al-Fatih Ghariballa, chairman of Al-Ihsan Charitable Foundation, said that the organization aims to correcting the common misconceptions on Islam as well as confronting the cultural invasion besides taking care of the weak sectors in the society. Speaking at the regular press Forum of Sudan News Agency (SUNA) Thursday, Sheikh Ghariballa said that Al-Ihsan foundation calls for constructive International dialogue to remove the gap in views between East and the West besides as creating a positive reality that would assist in removing the misconceptions about Islam and Christianity. The chairman of Radical Middle De International, Mr. Foad Al-Mahadi, affirmed importance of the role being played by women as stipulated by the Holy Quran. Meanwhile, a delegation including a number of women preachers who are visiting Sudan expressed their hope to impart about their experience in the fields of ecology and environment and cultural diversity. Meanwhile, Sheikha Humaira Hamid stressed the importance of creating a positive image about the Muslims around the world and called for discarding the erroneous images about Islam and Muslims. It is to be noted that the visit of the Muslim women preachers to Sudan comes under the theme of: "Women Role to build international intermediacy Coalition" in collaboration between Al-Ihsan Charitable Foundation and the Radical Middle De International. MF/MO

Dr. Salahuddin Affirms Government Readiness for Coming Negotiation Session in Doha

Khartoum, Aug. 6 (SUNA) - The Presidential Advisor and official of Darfur file, Dr. Ghazi Salahuddin, has affirmed the government readiness for the coming negotiation session with the armed movements in Doha. In a statement to the press after his meeting Thursday evening with the joint UN - African mediator, Djibril Bassole, who arrived today from Tripoli, Libya, Dr. Salahuddin said that assured at the meeting the government readiness for the negotiation to reach a peaceful solution for Darfur issue. He said that the government welcomes any organizational or political united stance of the movements, adding that it appears up to now that there are several differences between the armed factions. He referred to the efforts and endeavours for uniting the stances of the armed factions, indicating that the government supports all the efforts for boosting the political will of the Darfuri factions. Meanwhile, Bassole said that he held consultations in Tripoli with the leaders of the armed movements, which did not sign Darfur peace agreement, and discussed the issue of their participation in the coming negotiation session in Doha. MO/MO

First Vice - President, Ugandan President Review Security Situation at Border Area

Juba, Aug, 6 (SUNA) -The First Vice - President and President of the Government of South Sudan (GoSS), Salva Kiir, returned Thursday after a two-day official visit to the Ugandan capital of Kampala on the invitation the Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni The Minister of Regional Cooperation at (GoSS) pointed out that the Ugandan President and GoSS President discussed the security situation at the border area, the bilateral relations and means of consolidating them furthers. The Vice - President was accompanied during the visit by the State Minister at the Presidency of the Republic and the Minister of Interior of the Government of South Sudan. IF/MO

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