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July 2009 - Posts

Dr. Nafie Affirms Importance of Accord between Political Parties for the Interest of the Homeland

Kosti, July 25 (SUNA)- Assistant of the President of the Republic and Deputy Chairman of the National Congress for Political and Organizational Affairs, Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie, has stressed the importance of accord and reconciliation between the political parties for the interest of the homeland. In a political symposium Saturday in Kosti at the premises of the National Congress, Dr. Nafie called for adherence of the political parties to the principles of Shura (consultation) and institutionalism in the practicing of political work. Dr. Nafie affirmed that reconciliation and accord represent a strategic orientation which was given top priority by the National Salvation Revolution since its advent. He said that the Salvation Revolution has adopted a modern developmental and civilizational project and committed itself to the unity of the national rank and the internal front with the aim to abort the plots of the West against Sudan. Dr. Nafie reiterated Sudan clear stance on holding dialogue on equal basis with the international community in a manner that guarantees the national interest.

Establishment of a network conntecting blood banks and the fedral and states hospitals

Khartoum, July 25 (SUNA) - The Blood Services Department at the Federal Ministry for Health has established a communication network to link all the blood banks at the fedral and states hospitals to the State of Khartoum. Dr. Ahmed Hassan Mohamed Director of Blood Transfusion Department said in a statement to SUNA that more than 30 banks have been connected, and through this network the available amuonts of blood in all the banks and the needs of the emenrgency departments in the hospitals could be known besides the provision of the rare blood groups, all this process will be carried through comminication with the ccentral blood bank. He explained that the network also includeS the Central Blood Bank in the Military Hospital and the Ppolice Hospital


Dr. Ahmed pointed that since its estalishmnt, the network has contributed in saving many critical conditions which needed blood transfusion and that the Department is exerting efforts for linking all the states to this network


It is to mention that this network is a gift from the Sudani communication company.

China welcomes the agreement between the North and South Sudan for the decision of Permanent Court of Arbitration on Abyei

Peking, July 25 (SUNA)- China has welcomed the acceptance of North and South Sudan for the arbitration on Abyei


A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry has pointed out in a comment over the agreement between the two parties over the decision of the court on Abyei that this was a positive move towards the implementation of the comprehensive Peace Agreement that was reached by the National Congress Party and the Sudan people's Liberation Movement (SPLM)


China has expressed hope that this would be an incentive for the full realization of peace between the north and the south and the Sudanese reconciliation

Partial vaccination campaign to be launched from 27 -29 July

Khartoum, July 24 (SUNA) - The Immunization Administration of the Federal Ministry of Health is to launch a partial Vaccination Campaign in four States from 27 -29 July, targeting some 2.6 million children below 5 years. In this regard, Dr. Samira Mohammed Osman, a coordinator at the Immunization Administration, explained in a statement to SUNA the campaign targets all the localities of Khartoum, West Darfur, White Nile, and Red Sea States. She explained that the children of the nomadic pastoralists also need vaccinations in their movements to and from the Southern States, Chad and Ethiopia. MF/ MF

Donor countries to provide 30 million USD for support of Ayei rehabilitation

Khartoum, July 25 (SUNA)- The President of the Assessment and Evaluation Commission, Derek Bilimbi confirmed that the international community will work to support the decision of the Permenant Arbitration Court on Abyei and will help in its implementation, and that the donor countries have allocated 30 million USD for the rehabilitation of Abyei and arround it


He added that the commission will visit Abyei area within the coming two weeks to see the boundary demarcation to be carried by the two parties according to the Court decision

President Al-Bashir and First Vice - President Affirm Continuity of Partnership

Khartoum, July 18 (SUNA)- President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, and the First Vice - President and President, Salva Kiir, has affirmed the continuity of the partnership between the National Congress and Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) and the keenness to implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) and holding of the elections. In a press statement after the meeting at the Guest House Saturday evening, the State Minister at the Presidency of the Republic, Joseph Ashwel, said that the meeting reviewed the situation in the country and progress of the partnership and cooperation between the two partners. He said that President Al-Bashir acquainted the First Vice - President on the meetings which he held on the sidelines of the Non Allied Summit in Sharm Al-Sheikh and his talks with the Egyptian President, Mohamed Hosni Mubarak. He said that President Al-Bashir stated that President Mubarak has assured his country's support to Sudan concerning the ICC allegations and pledged to boost the stability in Sudan. Ashwel said that the First Vice - President informed President Al-Bashir on the situation in the country in the past days and his meetings with leaders of the political forces and the talks on the elections and continuity of the national unity government. MO/MO

Sudan Affirms that it has no Interest to Undermine Security of Chad

Khartoum, July 18 (SUNA) - Sudan affirmed that it has no interest to undermine Chad's security, and reiterated its commitment to all the agreements that it has signed with Chad. Commenting to SUNA on the security tension at the border between the two countries following the Chadian attack, the State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Al-Samani Al-Wasila, said that Sudan will deal with any incidents in accordance with the duties and the responsibility stipulated in the Constitution for maintaining the country's security, the integrity of its territories and the safety of its people. He said Sudan hopes that Chad will correct its acts, stressing that Sudan will also not be hand-fettered in the case that its interests and citizens are harmed. The minister said that Chad is facing an internal problem, hoping that the negative impacts of this problem in Chad will not affect Sudan. He said that any Chadian internal issue shall be solved with the internal framework. He referred to the former agreements sponsored by Libya and other countries toward normalization of the Sudanese - Chadian relations but were not implemented. Al-Samani also referred to endeavours being exerted by some neighbouring countries and the African Union for enhancement of the relations between Sudan and Chad. He reiterated that Sudan is ready to prove that it have no interest to undermine the security in Chad, but in the same time serious to protect its sovereignty and unity and the safety of the Sudanese citizens. MO/MO

Al-Mazini: UNAMID Representative Follows up with Great Concern Tension in Sudanese - Chadian Relations

Khartoum, July 18 (SUNA)- The spokesman of UNAMID, Nur-Eddin Al-Mazini, said that the special representative of UNAMD, Rodolphe Adada, is following up with great concern the escalations between Sudan and Chad after Sudan's accusation to Chad of bombing to Um-Digin area at the border between the two countries. In a statement to SUNA, Al-Mazini said that UNAMID is investigating in this issue, indicating that Mr. Adada calls on the two parties to halt any hostile acts in the border area. The UNAMID spokesman said that like such tensions will continue to be a major obstacle facing realization of peace and security in Darfur. He said that the special UNAMID representative wants to remind the governments of Sudan and Chad that dialogue is the sole means to put an end to the dispute. Al-Mazini said that Mr. Adada is encouraging the dialogue between the two countries on ground that provides solution to the problems between them in a time when diplomatic efforts are continuing to resolve these problems that will aggravate the conditions of the civilians. He added that good relations between Sudan and Chad are the key factor to guarantee permanent peace in the area. MO/MO

President Al-Bashir Returns Home after his Participation at Non Allied Movement Summit in Sharm Al-Sheikh

Khartoum, July 18 (SUNA) - President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, and the accompanying delegation Saturday returned home after participation at the 15th Non Allied Movement summit in Sharm Al-Sheikh, Egypt. President of the Republic participated at the Non Allied Movement on his capacity as the President of Sudan and chairmen of the G 77 and China, adding that Sudan address at the summit was comprehensive and appreciated by all the participants at the summit. In a statement to SUNA, the State Minister for Foreign Affairs and member of Sudan delegation, Al-Samani Al-Wasila, said that the summit in Sharm Al-Sheikh witnessed extensive political activity done by Sudan delegation. He indicated that President Al-Bashir met on the sidelines of the summit with a number of presidents and heads of state, including the Cuban President, Raul Castro, the Nigerian President, the Yemeni President, Ali Abdalla Salih, the Lebanese President, the Emir of Kuwait, the Malaysian Prime Minister and the Ugandan and Eritrean delegations., besides a number of foreign Ministers who headed the delegations of their countries. Al-Wasila described the meetings between President Al-Bashir and other presidents and heads of state on the sidelines of the Non Allied Movement as fruitful. He indicated that President Al-Bashir acquainted the presidents and heads of state whom he met at the summit with the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) and the situation on the ground in Darfur. He said that the outcome of these meeting has positive impact on the decisions and recommendation of the summit concerning its support to Sudan, denunciation to any acts that impede the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), the summit's call on the international community to live up to its commitment to boost implementation of the peace agreement in Sudan, in addition to the summit's call for lifting the sanctions on the country. MO/MO

President Bashir reaffirms that unity of the Sudan is in the interests of all Sudanese people

Khartoum, July 18 (SUNA)- The President of the Republic Field Marshal Omar Al Bashir has stressed that the Comprehensive Peace Agreement was being implemented despite the hurdles and difficulties it has faced, accusing those who talk about non-implementation of the agreement as lacking knowledge about the issue they talk about. The President of the republic has pointed out to the many challenges that faced the country saying lifting sanctions from the Sudan was reached through the support of the brothers in Egypt and its credibility with the other. The President said Sudan was now approaching a very sensitive stage including that of elections which was a Sudanese decision, to be followed by the exercise of the right to self determination for the south. The President said he was convinced that unity of the Sudan was in the interest of all the Sudanese people and that any division would only weaken the country and would open the appetite of other areas for separation in a number of African regions. He said he was convinced that many of the members of the SPLM were with the unity of the Sudan, which he stressed, needs lots of work from all parties. He said some forces would like to deter the Sudan from its main objective which is the realization of unity of the country during the coming two years. The President said the objective of the National Congress Party during the coming elections would be to focus on its efforts for the unity of the Sudan and that it would work to make the unity attractive. He referred to the establishment of a fund that would be financed from the oil money to back up the unity efforts. He said during the coming two years the focus would be on the implementation of the projects in southern Sudan for boosting unity. He said all Arab investors were invited to come to the south for the implementation of those projects and that Egypt was the first to respond to that invitation in the South. The President said people should remember the historic visit of President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt to Southern Sudan's capital of Juba. He said they would like to agree with their brothers in the SPLM about the referendum laws because in the end they all would like to see the end being unity of the Sudan. The President said all wars are but calamity on the peoples and that Sudan needs more stability and peace. MA/MA

Bank of Sudan to Finance Private Sector through Commercial Banks

Khartoum, July, 11 (SUNA) - The Central Bank, the Bank of Sudan, has announced the payment of 300 million Sudanese pounds with three years-grace period as a medium term-finance to the private sector through five commercial banks. The Bank said the decision comes within the context of activation economic development without impacting the monetary stability. The source indicated that the move would be effected through five commercial banks namely Bank of Khartoum, Omdurman National Bank, Al-Nelein Bank, Agricultural Bank and the Saudi Sudanese Bank. IF/MA

Total black out will phase away by evening Saturday, engineer says

Khartoum, July 11 (SUNA) - The country on Saturday witnessed a total blackout since seven am Sudan local time, with electricity supply starting to return gradually at 13 hours Sudan local time and is expected to be fully restored in 80% of the grid covered areas, by six pm Sudan local time. Engineer Musaid Abdullah Mohamed, the acting Director General of the National Electricity Corporation, told the Sudan News Agency that the black out was caused by continued loss of electricity supply a matter that obliged disconnecting Merwai electricity supply Grid from the the national grid. Engineer Musaid pointed out that the Roseris, Sinnar and Griba stations and that of Shaheed Moamed station are operating satisfactorily and supplying the national electricity grid. MA/MA

President Al Bashir will lead Sudan delegation to Sharm Sheikh Summit meeting

Khartoum, July 11 (SUNA) - The President of the Republic Field Marshal Omar Al Bashir, will on Sunday lead the government delegation to Cairo in a two day visit to the Egypt where he is due to meet with the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and senior government officials in Cairo for talk on bilateral relations and issue of common interests to the two countries. The president will then lead the government delegation to the non aligned movement summit meeting which begin son Tuesday and continues for two days. The president is accompanied by General Bakri Hassan Salih, the Minister for Presidency Affairs, Dr Ghazi Salahuddin, the Presidential Advisor, and Ali Karti, the State Minister at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Dr Mustafa Osman Ismail, the President's Advisor, and General Salah Abdullah, the Director of the Security and National Intelligence. MA/MA

Islamic Medical Society, Sudanese Club in Bahrain begin distribution of school-bags in Darfur

El-Fashir, July 11 (SUNA) - The Sudanese Islamic Medical Society in collaboration with the Sudanese club in the Kingdom of Bahrain began to distribute school bags for the students in the camps of the internally-displaced persons (IDPs). In this regard, Abdul Rahman Ahmed Ajeb, representing the Sudanese Club in Bahrain, said the project targets some 24,000 students in the camps, explaining that many charitable organizations and benevolent persons from Bahrain and the Members of the Sudanese club in Bahrain participated in the project. Meanwhile, the Executive Director of the Sudanese Islamic Medical Society, Hassabal-Rassoul Mohammed, said the society began to distribute the bags in Abu Shouk Camp which includes 1,025 students, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education in North Darfur State, the Humanitarian Aid Commission and El-Fashir call. It is to be noted that the Sudanese Islamic Medical Society has been working in Darfur since 2004. It implemented number of eye-treatment campaigns in the States of Darfur with the participation of specialists from Malaysia, Egypt, Jordan and Iraq. The Society also established a specialized Eye Hospital in El-Genainah, Western Darfur State. MF/ MF

President of Rwanda, Vice President of Kenya to arrive in Khartoum Sunday

Khartoum, July 11 (SUNA) - President of Rwanda Paul Kagame and the Kenyan Vice President Stephene Kalonzo Musyoka are due to arrive in Khartoum Sunday to participate in the final ceremony of the Council of East and Central Africa Football Associations (CECAFA), which is currently hosted by El-Mereikh club of Sudan. In this regard, the official; Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Ali Al-Saddiq, said to SUNA the two honourable guests will respectively meet the of the President to review aspects of cooperation between Sudan and their countries. MF/MF

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