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President Al-Bashir receives President Sheikh Sharif

Khartoum, April 27(SUNA)- President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir on Monday evening met at the Republican Palace with Somali President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed who arrived to the country in a two -day official visit. President Sheikh Ahmed said in press statements that he discussed with President Al-Bashir bilateral and deeply-rooted relations, pointing out that the visit was an opportunity to brief the Sudanese leadership on developments of situation in Somalia and reconstruction efforts being made by the Somali government as well as its endeavors to achieve reconciliation among all components of national forces in the country. AS/MA

In response to an urgent question the minister for energy and mining put shortage in electricity supply at 300 megawatts

Khartoum, April 27 (SUNA) -The Minister for Energy and Mining Al Zubair Ahmed Al Hassan has put shortage in electricity supply in the country at 300 megawatts and that the current electricity generation stands at 800 megawatts while the real demand is put at 1100 megawatt He said the Programme of electricity from Merowe dam in the national grid in April 2010. The minister pointed out in response to an urgent question submitted by MP Faroog Abu Issa about the situation of electricity supplies in the country that the Roseres dam production went from 260 megawatts to 180 megawatts as the Roseries dam waters are being used in irrigation. The Minister pointed to the increase in electricity demand and the expansion in the national grid the East, West and South were some of the reasons behind the current shortage in electricity supplies. He said efforts are underway to introduce the thermoelectricity generation to reach 320 megawatt by the end the second half of the coming year. MA/MA

Return of thousands of internally displaced persons to their home villages in Darfur

Khartoum, April 27 (SUNA)- Thousands of internally displaced persons have returned to their home villages and towns from the camps within the context of the voluntary return and the rehabilitation efforts exerted by the national organizations replacing the expelled foreign organizations. The Commissioner for the Humanitarian Aid, in West Darfur state, Mohamed Hassan Awad, told the Sudan News Agency has said the local organizations have exerted tremendous efforts in provision of the services and in closing the food and health gap in many areas of the state of west Darfur. MA/MA

Minister for Defense visits Turkey, to sign MOU with Turkish counterpart

Istanbul, April 27 (SUNA)- The Minister for Defense, Lieutenant General Abdul Rahim Mohamed Hussein, is currently on visit to the town of Istanbul, Turkey, where he is participating in the international fair on defense industries in which a number of ministers from various countries are taking part. The Minister has commended the developed relations between the Sudan and turkey in the various domains an in the military area in particular. The minister is expected to sign a number a memorandum of understanding with his Turkish counterpart in the military areas. MA/MA

Head of Mukjir locality says security and humanitarian situation calm in his area

Genaina, April 27 (SUNA) The Head of the Mukjir locality in West Darfur State, Hashim Abbas, has reaffirmed the stability of humanitarian and security situation in his locality since the end of last year. He explained in a statement to the Sudan News Agency that civilians have now resumed their normal life and that trade and movement between his locality and the neighboring areas have resumed normally. He said spontaneous return was now going in huge numbers among the inhabitants of the area from the camps of the internally displaced persons, saying a committee has been set there to coordinate the situation of the various population groups within the context of the peaceful coexistence among the various social elements in the locality. MA/MA

Group of American lawyers arrived in Khartoum

Khartoum, April 23 (SUNA)-The American lawyer Kimberlee Annette,a member of group of American lawyers defending Sudanese detainees in Guantanamo, arrived to Khartoum on Thursday in the country to meet the detainees families. Director of Legal Affairs at Civic Aid International Organization (CAIO) Dr. Mustafa Osman said two other members of the group are to arrive on Friday morning. He added that the American lawyers delegation is to pay visit to Atbara town to meet the family of the detainee Ibrahim Al-Qusi and to Port Sudan to meet the families of Mr Mohammed Nor and Mr Ibrahim Osman as well as meeting a number of government officials. He pointed out that CAIO used to organize visits for American lawyers defending the Sudanese nationals detained in Guanatanamo to get acquainted with situations of the detainees families,underling that these visits have helped in release of the some Sudanese detainees who freed from Guantanamo detention. AS/MA

Qatari Red Crescent Society Allocates 20 million dollars to Support Basic Services in Western Darfur State

Khartoum, April 23 (SUNA) - The Qatari Red Crescent has initially earmarked 20 million dollars to support water, education and the drainage system projects in Western Darfur state. The Chairman of the Sudanese Red Crescent (SRC) Dr.Habeeb Makhtoum pointed out in the regular Forum of the Sudan News Agency Thursday that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Red Crescent has committed to establish a model village with total cost of 5 million dollars as a beginning for the establishment of similar villages to be built in the areas of voluntary repatriation including water, education, health, women development and social services. The SRC Chairman said the Saudi Red Crescent has also reaffirmed its continuation with regard to the provision of the various relief services in Darfur , adding that the Turkish Red Crescent has committed to establish a 120-bed hospital in Nyala beside provision of health, drainage and food security services. Dr. Makhtoum lauded the role played by the government to bridge the gap brought about by the expulsion of some foreign organizations from Darfur. IFMA

Islamic Solidarity Union Calls for Cancellation of ICC Decision Against Sudan

Khartoum, April 23 (SUNA) - The Burkina Faso-based Islamic Solidarity Union has called for the cancellation of the decision of the so-called International Criminal Court (ICC) against Sudan to avail opportunity for strengthening the process of peace and stability in the region. The Union in a message it sent Thursday to the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir expressed solidarity with the Sudanese people, explaining that peace could be achieved by good governance and not by the unjust decisions of the ICC. The statement said the ICC has turned a deaf ear to the complications of the disputes in the African continent and violated the international law, the message read. The message lauded the pioneering role played by the President of the Republic against colonialism, international Zionism, the puppet courts and the politically motivated- justice. IF/MA

Committee Assigned to Study Increasing of Number of Darfur States Finalizes Assignments

Khartoum, April 16 (SUNA) - The Committee assigned to study proposals on increasing the number of the States of Darfur has finalized its work and drafted its recommendations prior to submitting them to the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir. The Committee Chairman, Fouad Eid told SUNA that his committee visited states of Northern, Southern and Western Darfur and met with the Walis, executives, leadership of civil administration. The Committee was set up in accordance with Republican Decree issued by the President of the Republic,Field Marshal Omar Al Bashir. IF/MA

Council of Ministers says people should be briefed on the Global Financial Crisis and its Impacts on the country

Khartoum, April 23 (SUNA) - Chaired by the President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, the Council of Ministers on Thursday said citizens should be given the fact about the global economic and financial situations and their impacts on Sudan. Following a briefing in a report presented by the Minister of Finance and National Economy Dr. AWad Ahmed Al-Jaz on the first quarter of budget of the current fiscal year and the repercussions of the global financial crisis Thursday, the Council of Ministers has affirmed need to continue financing agricultural projects, industrial development, environment and infrastructures to increase product and productivity. In addition to the benefit from the Arab and investors' increasing desires to invest in the country when they saw unification of the internal ranks against the decision of the International Criminal Court. The Council of Minister has approved the report and praised the performance of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Sudan in the management of financial and economic affairs. Spokesman of the Council of Ministers Dr. Omer Mohamed Salih said in press statements that the report referred to the consequences of the global financial and economic crisis and its impacts on the international financial institutions and the oil prices and the expectations of the effects on the gross domestic product (GDP) due to fall of service sector performance as well as the continuation of positive growth of the agricultural and industrial sectors in a rate less than that in last year. He added that the report pointed out the decrease of official foreign currency reserves a matter that affected the national currency exchange rate against the dollar and which led to decline from 2.02 in the first quarter of last year to 2.26 in the same quarter of this year. Dr. Salih added that in spite of the difficulties faced , the economic and financial policies succeeded in recording a good performance especially concerning constancy of deficit financing, repayment of debts, electricity consumption support, repayment of Southern Sudan Governments' arrears and extension of support to some other institutions. The report according to Dr. Salih pointed out to the development achievements in cultivation of one million feddans of wheat, carrying on with the rehabilitation of textile factories, launching of field works in thirteen roads and bridges, continuation in raising of the Roseiris Dam and the electricity provision for a number of owns in Darfur, White Nile and Northern States and the line transporting electricity to Al-Fulah. The cabinet also endorsed custom cooperation agreement between Sudan and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. BH/MA

With participation of 200 youth leaders, Sudan to host General Conference of Afro -Arab Youth Council in May

Khartoum, April 11(SUNA)- Sudan is to host on 25th of next May the General Conference of the African-Arab Youth Council(AAYC) with participation of 200 Arab and African youth leaders under sponsorship of the President of the Republic. AAYC Chairman Mr. Khalid Abdel-Magid told SUNA that the conference will discuss the statute and strategic plan of the Council, a report on current political situations in Africa and Arab World as well as the AAYC relations with other regional youth organizations. He added that a number of regional and international youth organizations are expected to take part in the conference which will be co-hosted by the Sudanese Youth National Youth and the National Organization for Libyan Youth AS/AS

Dr. Nafie to lead high-level government delegation to France next weeek

Khartoum, April 11(SUNA)-A high- ranking government delegation to be led by the Assistant to the President of the Republic Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie is to visit France next week in the framework of Sudan moves and contacts with UN Security Council members to explain its views on some issues top of which are issues of Darfur and International Criminal Court(ICC). The Delegation which comprises Presidential Adviser Dr. Mustafa Osman Ismail, Director of Security and Intelligence Bureau Gen. Salah Abdallah and Director of the Bilateral Relations Department at Foreign Ministry Ambassador Abdel-Basit Al-Sanosi is to hold talks with French presidency and foreign ministry officials. The visit of the delegation comes as resumption to the Sudanese-French talks held in October, 2008 and is scheduled to review the latest developments at Sudanese arena and the bilateral relations. AS/AS

President Al-Bashir to Address Opening of Eighth Session of Legislative Authority Monday

Khartoum, April 10 (SUNA)- President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, will address on Monday the opening sitting of the eighth session of the National Legislative Authority (the National Assembly and the Council of the States). The President's address will review the general state's performance, the peace process and Darfur issue. The upcoming eithth Legislative Authority's session is due to end on July 5th. The National Assembly's Speaker, Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Tahir, will hold on Sunday a press conference to cast light on the preparations for the new session and the timetable of its work. An official source at the Parliament told SUNA that the eighth session will discuss and ratify a number of legislations that include the Press, National Security, Lands Commission and Human Rights Acts. He said that a legislation banning trial of Sudanese nationals in accordance with laws that were not approved by Sudan would be tabled before the new session of the Parliament. MO/MO

Result of Fifth Population Census to be declared on Saturday

Khartoum, April 10 (SUNA) - The committee for follow up and monitoring of the Fifth Population Census is due to declare Saturday the result of the recent population census and the experts reports who monitored the census process in its different stages. The census result will be declared by Dr. Abdul-Bagi Al-Jailani at a press conference to be held at the premises of the Council of States. SUNA learned that around 34 experts from different countries have participated in observing and conducting the Fifth Population Census. MO/MO

Taha Informed on Outcome of Meetings of the Joint Sudanese - Turkish Economic Committee

Khartoum, April 10 (SUNA) - Vice - President of the Republic, Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, has praised the distinguished relations and the level of cooperation between Sudan and Turkey. During his meeting Thursday evening with members of the visiting Turkish delegation, headed by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr. Mohamed Mahdi, Taha got acquainted with outcome of the meetings of the joint Sudanese - Turkish Economic Committee, which were held in Khartoum during April 7 - 9, and the agreements and executive programmes signed by the two parties. Taha called for implementation of all the signed agreements and cooperation protocols on the ground and also for more consolidation of the cooperation between the Sudanese and Turkish businessmen. Present at the meeting was the Minister of Agriculture and chairmen of the Sudanese side at the meetings of the joint Sudanese - Turkish Economic Committee, Prof. Al-Zubair Bashir Taha. The Minister of Agriculture, Prof. Al-Zubair Bashir Taha said that the two parties agreed on implementation of 16 investments projects in the fields of agriculture, industry, transport and infrastructural fields. MO/MO

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